Thursday, August 30, 2012

Football Skills with Grant

Next week our iMovie group will be teaching children how to make movies on iMovie. This is an iMovie we made today. We used the video and photos we took when Grant was here teaching us football skills. We hope you like it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday in Room 4

On Tuesday we went out to watch the Cross Country Races. Our brothers and sisters did really well. Phoebe, Keira and Hugh all had sisters who did well in the Year 4 Girls race. Hadley's brother Cooper won the Year 4 Boys race while Zoe's brother came 4th. In the Year 5 Boys race Holly's brother Gus came first while William's brother did really well and Millie's brother was going really well but sprained his leg near the end. He still managed to finish.

Monday in Room 4

On Monday we made dragonflies. We got a big piece of paper and we used a ruler to draw lines for the middle of the dragonflies. We drew lines in pencil for the bodies and wings of the dragonflies. We used a pen to draw close together lines to make up the dragonflies.

We also started our sewing on Monday. We sewed rabbits and dinosaurs on cardboard. First we had to make the holes with our needles. Then we threaded our needles with wool and sewed in and out all around the shape.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Term 3 Week 7 News

Wow – once again the term is flying by….

We missed our Library session last week due to the short week. We went today and most children got out a new book. If they didn’t, because they still have one at home, don’t forget to send it in next Monday.

Lucky Book club is out again. If you would like to order please send the money to the classroom by next Friday (September 7th)

This week sees the start of our new Music Rotation. I have teamed up with Mrs Jarvis, Mrs O’Loughlin and Mrs Strand and the children will have one session with each teacher. Children will have an opportunity to experience a different aspect of music and dance each week.

We also start sewing this week. Thank you for the offers of help. If you have sent in your slip of paper I will contact you directly. If not, and you would like to help, just turn up on Friday at about 11:30. The more the merrier (and easier for all of us!)

We have had a very busy art day today. We have been practising our sewing skills ready for Friday and have been putting together our calendar artwork. We have also drawn and decorated dragonflies today – as inspiration for our sewing. Meg took some lovely pictures of us doing our work – look out for it on the blog.

Congratulations go to Greta and Isabella whose photographs were chosen to represent Room 4 in the photography competition held as part of the Magpie Cluster ICT Expo next week. The expo is to be help on Thursday 6th September 2012 at the Havelock North Community Centre from 10am - 6pm. Some children from Room 4 will be attending and running workshops. Permission slips for this event will be coming home this week. The purpose of the Expo is to celebrate the e-learning that has occurred during the past three years that HNP have been part of the Magpie ICT Cluster. The Magpie Cluster consists of six local schools (Te Mata Primary, Parkvale, Mahora, Mayfair and Frimley).

Children from HNP will be visiting the expo during the afternoon. We would encourage you, your family and friends to come along and participate in this event to support our school, as this is an opportunity for you to see what e-learning looks like in the classroom.

Hope to see you there!

Have a lovely week

Photography Competition

Principal Awards and Photo Competition

Congratulations to Conner on his Principals Award and to Greta and Isabella whose photos were chosen by an independent judge to represent Room 4 in the Magpie Cluster Photographic Competition.

Greta took a lovely photo of her baby brother Harry and Isabella took a great photo of Keira and Ethan on the junior playground. Well done to both of you and good luck in the main competition.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Term 3 Week 5 News

We have really enjoyed the Olympics in Room 4.

Unfortunately the planned Junior Olympic Day has to be cancelled due to the weather. The field is much too soggy to hold sports and lunch. We will, however, still be able to dress up as Olympic Competitors so I look forward to seeing everyone in their sports gear.

Don’t forget Thursday 16th August are the School Photos.

No Discovery Learning this Friday as the school is having a mid-term break and is closed Friday 17th and Monday 20th. The rest of the staff and I are busy renewing our First Aid Certificates on Friday and then hope for some better weather for the rest of the weekend.

Principal Awards

Congratulations William and Holly on your Principal Awards.

Term 3 Week 4 News

We had our final Omni Gym session today and the children had a wonderful time. They have made such progress in a short amount of time – both in their confidence on the apparatus and in their strength when bouncing over the vault, jumping on the trampoline or holding a candle position on the rings.

Many thanks to all the parents who took time out of their busy days to take us over and help us out while you were there.

We have been closely following the Olympics over the last week. Have you seen our Olympic Flames on the classroom windows? We have also been busy creating medals. Hopefully they will be finished and we will be awarded them next week on our Junior Olympic Day. This is to be held on Tuesday 14th August. You are all invited to come and cheer us on and stay for lunch afterwards. There is a letter to come later this week containing more information.

Also next week on Thursday 16th August are the School Photos.

This week is very exciting as it is the week of the school production The Blue Crystal. We were lucky enough to see the dress rehearsal today and it was fantastic. There are tickets available at the school office if you haven’t got yours yet – performances are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Discovery Learning is this Friday, and we are off to the Library this Wednesday as we missed our session today due to the production.