Friday, September 28, 2012

The Invisible Chipmunk saves the Prince and the Princess

Once upon a time there was a castle in outer space. In the castle lived the prince and the princess with a pet dragon.

A tiny T-Rex came up from  dinosaur land which was about to die and ended up in a city.

Then the castle came down from the sky and the prince and the princess could see what had destroyed the city. It was the T-Rex.

The princess was crying and the prince was fighting the T-Rex.  The prince was mad and then while the prince was fighting the T-Rex the princess called the invisible chipmunk.

The invisible chipmunk appeared from under ground and the princess said to the invisible chipmunk "I wish I had three wishes."

The chipmunk granted the princess her wish and then the invisible chipmunk disappeared into thin air.

The princess wished that the dinosaur was their friend and thats the end of the story.

The Return of the Mysterious Freak

Once upon a time in a mysterious cloud the muffin man lived in a muffin.

He was having a great stroll when.......he met lollipop man. He was his enemy.

"Mmm you again. So we meet again" said the muffin man.

"I have always hated you....."

"Mmm I wish we were friends again." said lollipop man.

"No." said muffin man.....

Lollipop man shouted and the circus freak heard him shout.

"Your wish is my command." Said the circus freak and his wish came true and the muffin man and the lollipop man never fought again.

The Return of Muffin Man

Once upon a time there was a muffin man and a fisherman. The fisherman came and started to eat muffin man. Muffin man was falling to pieces then chicken man came and put muffin man back. His wish was be granted.

The Frogs Garden

Once upon a time a beautiful princess was dancing in the garden and then a frog came.

The frog danced with the princess. They were dancing until the unicorn saw them.

The unicorn said "what beautiful dancing. I will give you a wish."

The princess and the frog wished for a beautiful tutu.

Snow Land

Once upon a time there was a time when a snowboy found a door to the Enchanted Forest in his home.

He ended up at the snow ladies castle. She was the queen of ice and snow. She was so angry at him because he kept on saying "You're the Queen of Ice Land."

The next morning the queen found a prisoner who was trying to escape. His name was Luke. He was 21 years old. When the prisoner got caught he gave her 7 wishes if she would let him go.

Her first wish was to rule the whole world.

The Fierce Squirrel Punches a Tree

Once upon a time the fierce squirrel wished to punch a tree and the invisible chipmunk gave hi the wish.

The squirrel punched a poplar and turned it into fire wood with an axe.


Once upon a time there was a puppy. Her name was Emma. She was playing with a frog. The frog's name was Holly.

They were in the garden piaying with the squeaky toy. They were having a competition to see who could jump the highest on the squeaky toy.

When Mrs Frog jumped she fell and broke her arm.

And then magic unicorn came and fixed Mrs Frog 's arm. The uniorn gave them 3 wishes.

The frog wished for a new squeaky toy and puppy wished to have an owner and they said at the same time "CAN THE UNICORN BE OUR FRIEND!"

All their wishes came true and they lived happily ever after.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

A Prince and a Princess

Once upon a time there was a mean princess and a helpful, kind prince. They lived in a castle.

The prince was crying in the garden and a unicorn  came past.

"Why are you crying?" asked the unicorn.

 "My wife is always angry with me. I wish had a new wife."

The unicorn gave a wish out to the prince. The prince wished to have another wife who is a princess.

So the prince goes and finds another wife who is really nice. The mean princess went to live in another house. Everyone lived happily ever after.


Once upon a time there was a cold icy snow land. There was a lost lamb who was freezing.

There was a baby jaguar in a jungle with her mother. The baby jaguar was exploring the jungle and found a space ship and went in side and accidentally pressed the fly button and flew to the icy cold land.

When she got there she saw the lost lamb who said "I don't like you."

Around the corner peeped the wishing fair princess puppy.

The lost lamb said "I wish I was warm." The wish was granted. .Just then a warm fire and two thick coats appeared.

Then the jaguar said "I wish we were friends again." and they both said "I wish every thing was back to normal".

The Green Scientist

There once was a scientist who was a making a chicken lancher and a commando who said "I want an rpg."  but accidentally he took the the chicken launcher.

He shot one chicken out but it was asleep. It was a magic chicken but it woke up and said "I grant you a wish and you will waste it."

So the commado walked back to the jet that that the scientist was in and he said "We have been granted a wish. I wish for an rpg."

The scientist said "Well then I don't get a wish. Go back."

Reluctantly the commando went back to the chicken and said "We want another wish."

The chicken said "Fine then, you can have another wish but you will waste that one too."

So the commando went back to the jet and said "we have got two wishes. I wish for an rpg."

The scientist said "I wish for an explosive grenade."

An rpg appeared inside the jet and so did the explosive grenade.

The commando and the scientist went to war and lived happily ever after.

The War Of Ninjas

Once upon a time there was a ninja training to get a lot more invincible.

And then a couple of years later he met a dog. He taught the dog to be a ninja dog. They had a war against each other, but it was a tie.

One day they went to a wizard. The wizard was stuck in a tree.

The wizard said "Get me out of here." The ninja used his ninja moves to get the wizard out of the tree. He got the wizard out of the tree but the wizards magic jacket was stuck up in the tree still. The wizard was really really angry.

He said "Ninjas are silly."

The ninja said "Ninjas aren't silly, wizards are silly."

They argued and argued all day long. The wizard gave the ninja a wish.

The wizard said "I'm sure you will waste it."

"I'm sure I won't waste my wish." said the ninja.

 One day the ninja thought of a very good wish. The was to be the strongest ninja in the whole universe. Five seconds later the wish was granted. But the ninja didn't waste his wish.

The wizard came back and said "Hmmm... So you didn't waste your wish."

"No, no I didn't. So that proves that wizards are silly."

"No it doesn't."

"Yes it does."

"Oh fine. It does prove that wizards are silly. BUT I WILL BE BACK FOR REVNGE."

Chicken Man to the Rescue

Once upon a time there was a pig and a lollipop man. The pig was chasing the lollipop man because the pig wanted to lick him because the pig thought he was real. So the pig leaped over the lollipop man. Then chicken man came walking past. Chicken man heard a voice but he didn't know where it was coming from. Then the lollipop mans head came out of the pigs mouth and turned into pieces and wished that he was restored and fixed.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Wish From The Fairy

Once  upon a time a lollipop lady was making lollipops. Then along came the mad clown. Suddenly the lollipop lady turned around.

Smash! Crash! Crack! Bash!

The lollipop lady smashed the lollipops all over the mad clown. The mad clown got so mad that he started to eat the lollipop lady.

"I wish you would stop eating me." said the lollipop lady.

Luckily a fairy was passing by and she heard the screaming and she said "Your wish is granted."                           

The Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a witch. The witch had a time machine. She went up into the beautiful sky.

There was a princess who lived in a castle. There was a fish in a pot in the castle. The witch had put it there.

Then came along the fairy godmother. She scared the fish by putting it back into the sea. The fairy godmother went to the sea and put the beautiful fish into the sea. The fairy godmother was nice.

She was wearing a pink dress and purple shoes and the fairy godmother looked like a microwave, a chocolate muffin and she had strawberry icing.

The Princess Gets Married

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess in a palace and a prince in a castle.

One day the king from the palace said "You need to get marred miss" but before he could finish the princess was gone, picking flowers but so did the prince and they were heading for the meadow. When they got to the meadow they crashed into each other as they picked some flowers. They ran back to the castle and palace.

When the prince got back the queen said "Where have you been?"

"I have been picking flowers"


"For the princess I met when I was picking flowers. I want to marry her."

"NO!!!" said the queen.

The prince went to his bedroom and saw a unicorn flying around the castle.

"What!" said the prince but the unicorn flew away and the prince said "I wish I could marry the princess."

The next day they both went picking apples and the princes wish came true because they kissed.

A Pond In The Forest

Once upon a time there was  unicorn who was flying around pond. She fell in a black hole and she found a princess puppy down the black hole too.

The pretty unicorn was scared so she tried to fly away but she was trapped. The puppy could talk with the pretty unicorn. 

The puppy said "It's ok. I wont hurt you. I'm a princess puppy"

So the unicorn slowly came down to the puppy. 

The puppy said "I've been trapped in here for a long time. There is a fairy godmother that can wish us out of this black hole. Help me find her so we can get set free."

The unicorn said "Ok" so they searched and searched but...

after they searched the puppy said "That was hard work, let's sit down." Then after a while they saw some lights with someone singing.  

The puppy said "That is the fairy godmother." They went over to her. They badgered her and said "Please can you wish us out?" 

The fairy said "It's you again. I said no."

"Oh, you are the unicorn, the pretty unicorn." the fairy godmother said "I will wish you out of here." 

So she said "Diddi diddi make the unicorn and the puppy back." 

Wishhh... so they lived happily ever after.

The Adventure

Once upon a time there was a witch that had a pegasus and a unicorn. The unicorn thought the witch was a enemy. The pegasus was an enemy. He was trying to hurt the witch. The pegasus frightened away the unicorn and the witch and lived in the forest by himself.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Return Of Jack

Once upon a time there was a friendly boy called Jack who was trying his best to get out of a maze. A T-Rex was after him just to be friends but Jack didn't know.

"Come back here I only want to be friends" said the T-Rex. But all Jack heard was "Roarrrrr".

Just then a mad scientist swooped by and granted Jack a wish.

Jack wished "I wish I could know what the T-Rex was saying".

Then the T-Rex said the same thing.

Then Jack said "Alright we are friends". And they both lived happily ever after.

The Magic Witch

Once upon a time there was a beach house. The witch and the lollipop man were friends.

One day they went fishing. They caught a fish.

It said "I will give you the biggest beach house and a car."

They were happy and they drove the car home.

Then they went fishing and they caught that fish again.

The witch said "We want a castle."

The fish said "No, I'm not giving you a castle."

So they went back to the beach house and lived happily ever after.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Triceratops Kills the T-Rex

Once a upon a time there was a T-Rex who was walking in icy forest. When he got to his cave
he saw a Triceratops getting ready to charge and then Triceratops was starting to charge. T-Rex cried out "I wish I had another life". Orca heard T-Rex and gave him his wish - he another life to him. In T-Rex's new life the Triceratops had gone and T-Rex lived happily in the icy forest.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Term 3 Week 10 Notices

I hope you all had a good weekend and made the most of the weather... when it was not raining. This week looks like being a relatively quiet one.

On Monday we have our library session. Don’t forget to return all of those books.

Sewing continues on Friday. We start around 11:30 – all welcome. We will also be folk dancing Friday morning as well.

Swimming starts next term. Many thanks to all those who have already paid for the lessons. If you have not yet done so it would be greatly appreciated if you could send the money into the office before the end of this term.

Last Friday we send home the Parents Survey regarding 1:1 classrooms at HNP. I would love to hear your thoughts as to whether you would like your child to be in a 1:1 classroom in the future – and, don’t worry, there is an unsure option as well! You can complete the survey online or by filling in the paper copy that came home on Friday and sending it back in.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Term 3 Week 9 News

We had an incredible week last week with HNP holding on to the Rex Graham Cup and the Magpie Cluster Expo on Thursday. Both the iMovie and the iBook groups did an excellent job of presenting their workshops many times each at the expo. They presented well despite the noise and the number of both children and adults watching them. Both groups then worked with small groups of children showing them how to create their own iBooks and iMovies.  We were unable to film the presentations at the expo itself due to the noise from the other presentations (there was a music presentation happening right next door) but we recorded them when back at school on Friday. These videos plus the children's presentations are now on the blog. 

This week we have library on Monday. There are a few overdue books so if you find one later in the week just send it in and we can return it.

Wednesday sees the continuation of our music rotation and Friday we will be Folk Dancing. Friday also sees the continuation of sewing. Many thanks to those who sorted out the overlocking of the hessian and to those who give up their Friday mornings to thread needles, untangle wool and tie knots. If you would like to join us this Friday just come to the classroom at 11:30, we would love to see you there.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

iMovie at the Expo

The iMovie Team also ran a great presentation at the expo on Thursday. Take a look at the Google Presentation to see a video of them doing the presentation as well as the presentation itself.

iBooks at the Expo

The iBook team ran a wonderful workshop at the expo. Take a look at this Google Presentation to see a video of their presentation and the presentation itself.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Day in Room 4

A Day In Room 4

The Playground

Marcus and Hugh made this iMovie about having fun in the playground. They are both helping with the iMovie workshop at the cluster expo this Thursday.

Throwing and Catching

Keira and Holly made an iMovie about when Grant came to teach us small ball skills.

Harold and Us

Taylor and Meg worked really hard to make this iMovie. They will be helping with a workshop at the cluster expo on Thursday.