Sunday, September 9, 2012

Term 3 Week 9 News

We had an incredible week last week with HNP holding on to the Rex Graham Cup and the Magpie Cluster Expo on Thursday. Both the iMovie and the iBook groups did an excellent job of presenting their workshops many times each at the expo. They presented well despite the noise and the number of both children and adults watching them. Both groups then worked with small groups of children showing them how to create their own iBooks and iMovies.  We were unable to film the presentations at the expo itself due to the noise from the other presentations (there was a music presentation happening right next door) but we recorded them when back at school on Friday. These videos plus the children's presentations are now on the blog. 

This week we have library on Monday. There are a few overdue books so if you find one later in the week just send it in and we can return it.

Wednesday sees the continuation of our music rotation and Friday we will be Folk Dancing. Friday also sees the continuation of sewing. Many thanks to those who sorted out the overlocking of the hessian and to those who give up their Friday mornings to thread needles, untangle wool and tie knots. If you would like to join us this Friday just come to the classroom at 11:30, we would love to see you there.

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