Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Party Graphs

We made a tally chart to show how many people we would like to come to our party. We lined the ice block sticks up in groups of 5 with the fifth one across the other 4. This makes it much easier to count in 5s.

We made a block chart to show what type of food we would like to have at our party. We lined up the cubes, making sure they touched and were in a straight line.

We made a pie chart to show where would like to have our party.  It was a bit tricky to get the counters into a circular pie chart.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Party Time!

In Room 15 we are looking at planning a party. First of all we had to think about the kind of party we wanted. We answered 4 questions.

1) What type of food would you like at your party? We could choose the following options:
Picnic including lots of little nibbles
No food

2) What kind of entertainment would you like to have?
Lots of party games
Go somewhere like ten-pin bowling or the pools
No extra entertainment

3) Where would you like to have your party?
Your house
At the park
At a restaurant or fast-food place
A place like the pools or ten-pin bowling

4) How many people would you like to have at your party?
15 or more

We went to each question and picked a cube or a counter or a stick where the colour represented the answer we had chosen.