Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tough Guy and Gal

Last week a number of boys and girls (or Guys and Gals) from Room 15 went off to the Tough Guy and Gal challenge. Is was not the warmest of days and part of the challenge was to run through a swamp! Many thanks to Millie for sending in this picture and well done to all the Tough Guys and Gals in Room 15.

O Homework

This week our project homework has to begin with the letter 'O'.

This word cloud shows the different topics we chose.

It was great to see so many children experiment with a different presentation tool for their homework project.

Holly chose to create some of her own pictures for her project on the Olympics, instead of using other peoples photos. Way to go Holly!

Emma's project on Oak Trees had us all involved when she brought in a piece of rope the same length as the circumference of the biggest Oak Tree in the world! If you go to Emma's blog you can see her whole presentation.

Jim made good use of scratch to share his information about Olympus.
Press 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,q,w,e,r,t,y,u to see the presentation.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

N Homework

This week for our project homework Room 15 were asked to do a presentation to the class. They could choose any subject as long as it began with the letter 'N'.

This word cloud shows the amazing range of subjects they chose.

Room 15 also used a great range of presentation tools.

Holly chose to present her work on New Zealand by making a poster.

Aiden's presentation about his neighbours was created on a Google Document.

My dictionary says that neighbours are the people who live around you.
All of my neighbours are really nice. I can hear them in the garden lots.
We sometimes see Pippa the dog run past our house. Once I had to put her back over the fence at her house so that she wouldn’t get run over.
When we sold walnuts for $3 a bag some of our neighbours came over to buy some.
The total of the money was $15.

Caleb chose to show us a photograph of a Nutria and told us some facts about them.

Callum made a word cloud to present information about the NBA.

Charlie used a Google Drawing to show information about Neptune.

Conner created a Scratch to demonstrate Navigation.

Jemma used voki to show her knowledge of netball.

Taylor chose to show her knowledge of Naultinus through a Google Presentation.

Stoney Creek Ranch Camp 2014

This year Room 15 went to camp at Stoney Creek Ranch. We had a fantastic time riding motorbikes, going down the flying fox, taking part in the shooting, archery, low ropes, climbing wall, BMX, initiative games and commando course.

When we got back from camp we each made our own camp presentations which can be seen on our own individual blogs. Our favourite pages from each of our individual presentations have been put together to make a class presentation.

We hope you enjoy it :)


This week Clifton came in to teach us all about basketball. We learned that we need a live spider to make our basketballs bounce. We also learned to pivot and to twirl the ball around our heads, middles and knees. This was called the candy cane. At the end we had a great game of basketball tag. Its really hard to bounce the basketball and try to tag other people at the same time!