Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today we have been learning about 2D shape. We used the shapes to make pictures. Can you see a bat, a crane and a rocket? How many shapes can you see?

Calendar Art Troy

Calendar Art Michaela

Calendar Art Christine

Calendar Art Oliver

Calendar Art Zion

Calendar Art Kate

Calendar Art Hayley

Calendar Art Harri

Calendar Art Taylor

Calendar Art Lucia

Calendar Art Summer

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Principal Award

Congratulations to Emma, Daniel, Christine, Grace, Kate and Zion on your recent Principal Awards.

Principal Awards

Congratulations to Hayley, Harri and Taylor who have had Principal Awards in assembly.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heading home

We had a fabulous time and are heading back to school now. 


We are having such a good time. There are so many wheels here!

The Faraday Centre

How exciting. We have got to the Faraday Centre and are learning about wheels :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fabulous Fish

As part of our sustainability topic we made art out of recycled materials. Our fish have been made out of plastic bottles covered with paper mache. We painted and decorated our fish with things we found in our classroom. One of our challenges was to make both sides of our fish the same!

Once we had made our fish we wrote about them. First we described the decoration.

Fluffy feathers.
Spiral shell.

Then we described the colour of our fish.

White spotty, orange fish.
Orange stripy, black fish.

The we activated the noun (fish) to tell the reader what the fish is doing...

Dancing through the coral reef.
Dashing through the water.

Ready for sharing our fish in school assembly we put our poems into Puppet Pals on the ipads. Its easy to take a photo and then turn that photo into a puppet. The puppets can be moved around and made bigger and smaller as our fish descriptive writing is read.

We hope you enjoy our work.

The Safe Place

We read A Safe Place as part of our shared reading this term. Its all about a hen who needs a safe place to lay her eggs. She chose to make her nest in a canoe.

We though we would write a book about a sparrow at Havelock North Primary. Our sparrow looks all over the school to find a safe place for her eggs. Read a book to find out where that safe place was.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


"Shhh" whispered the children in Room 9. Grace's mum brought a rabbit to school. Grace got the rabbit for her birthday because she wanted a pet. The rabbit is called Fluffy. Fluffy is very cute.
Shared writing by Room 9

"Shhh" said the children. Grace's mum got Grace a rabbit on Grace's birthday. She was cute.

"Shhh" went Grace "Fluffy is sleeping and you have to be quiet because Fluffy is sleeping and I am being quiet." Fluffy is Grace's rabbit.

"Shhh" said the children in Room 9. We need to be quiet in Room 9 for now. Fluffy is Grace's pet.

Grace got a white rabbit for her birthday. Today Grace brought her rabbit into our classroom. The rabbit is called Fluffy and we could pat her. She felt so soft. Fluffy has red eyes. Fluffy likes to eat carrots, apples and grass. Grace's mum bought Fluffy at the pet shop in Havelock North.
Mark and Julia

Fluffy came in our class. Fluffy was cute. She was a white rabbit. It's eyes were red. She felt really soft.

I saw Fluffy. Fluffy is my favourite rabbit. She is my birthday present from my mum. She sits on the grass.

This is Fluffy. She eats grass and Grace got a rabbit for her birthday. 

"Sniff, sniff, sniff" went Fluffy the rabbit. Fluffy was very cute. Grace brought Fluffy in Room 9. Fluffy was white. Fluffy is Grace's pet and Grace got her for her birthday.

"Squeak, squeak" went Fluffy the rabbit. Grace got Fluffy for her birthday present from her mum. Fluffy is white. She is not allowed to eat spinach. 

"Shhh" said the children in Room 9. Grace's mum bought it from the pet shop because she wanted a pet rabbit called Fluffy. She is very cute.
Kate R

The rabbit is cute. The rabbit is called Fluffy.

"Quiet" said the children in Room 9 because there is a rabbit. Grace got the rabbit for her birthday present. It is cute.

Today Grace brought her rabbit in. Her name was Fluffy. Her mum brought her rabbit in. She was cute. Grace got it for her birthday. Grace's mum bought it from the pet shop.
Kate C

Shhhh. The rabbit is called Fluffy.

I liked her paws because she used them for jumping.

Today Grace's mum brought in a rabbit. It's name was Fluffy. It was cute. She got it from the pet shop.

Fluffy is Grace's pet. Grace got the rabbit for her birthday.

Grace brought a pet in to show for news. The rabbit is called Fluffy.

Strike at HNP

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Strike at Havelock North Primary. We loved hearing the different rhythms and sounds make by the different percussion instruments. They were very loud!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

On the way home

We have had a wonderful day and are all worn out. On the bus now on our way back to school.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Education Room

We are back in the education room now finding out how to look after our environment.

At the aquarium

We are walking around the aquarium and are looking at the fish in the tanks.


We are playing some great games and are learning all about the problems that penguins face in the sea.

At the aquarium

We are now at the aquarium. We are going to have a good look around.