Monday, July 8, 2013

Fabulous Fish

As part of our sustainability topic we made art out of recycled materials. Our fish have been made out of plastic bottles covered with paper mache. We painted and decorated our fish with things we found in our classroom. One of our challenges was to make both sides of our fish the same!

Once we had made our fish we wrote about them. First we described the decoration.

Fluffy feathers.
Spiral shell.

Then we described the colour of our fish.

White spotty, orange fish.
Orange stripy, black fish.

The we activated the noun (fish) to tell the reader what the fish is doing...

Dancing through the coral reef.
Dashing through the water.

Ready for sharing our fish in school assembly we put our poems into Puppet Pals on the ipads. Its easy to take a photo and then turn that photo into a puppet. The puppets can be moved around and made bigger and smaller as our fish descriptive writing is read.

We hope you enjoy our work.

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  1. Awesome fish descriptions, love the videos!! Alison O'Halloran :0)