Friday, March 29, 2013

Counting in 2s

We have been learning to count in 2s. We have found out that you can count in 2s from any number and that you can count forwards and backwards in 2s.

Take a look at the photos of us using different classroom materials to show counting in 2s.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 8 News

Well the days are zooming past again so quickly – Easter is almost upon us.
We have been busy in class making our bowls our of recycled materials and then painting them bright colours. We are hoping that the Easter Bird might lay some Easter Eggs in our bowls before we go home on Thursday J

Easter – School will be closed this Friday (29th March) and also Monday and Tuesday next week. We will be reopen on Wednesday 3rd April.

Chocolate – Its wonderful to see all the chocolate being sold and the money coming in. Many children have been asking for more chocolate to sell (I do hope you aren’t being forced to eat too many bars!) Don’t forget that if you are unable to sell any more chocolate you can bring back the remains plus any money collected and take it to the office. Thank you for your support with this fundraiser.

Thank you for your offers of help with reading in the mornings. It is working out at about 15 minutes starting at 9 o’clock. If you have a morning when you would like to stay and help out please just drop in. And if you are a regular – please keep it up – you are invaluable J

If you should find yourself clearing out your summer wardrobes during the Easter weekend, the Junior Discovery Dress up Box is in need of a little bit of an over haul. We would like handbags, shoes and clothes… anything that you think children would enjoy dressing up in. All items would be very much appreciated. It is one of the most popular activities at Discovery Time and the face paints certainly add a new dimension to the games and conversations the children have. We are also interested in a full-length mirror so the children can enjoy seeing themselves all dressed up. If you have one that is surplus to requirements we have the perfect home for it.

Principal Award

Congratulations to Belle, Nastacia, Nelson, Michaela and Phoebe who have received Principal Awards this term.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kelly Sport

At the beginning of term Kelly Sport came in to school and gave us a lesson. We learn lots of sports skills using rugby balls and footballs, nets and tennis balls. Have a look at this presentation of the photos taken of us taking part in Kelly Sport. Can you spot anyone you know?

Term 1 Newsletters

Below are the newsletters for Weeks 1-5 of Term 1 for Room 9.

Week 5

Dear Parents,

I can’t believe we are nearly half way through the term already! Where does the time go?

Next week we begin our new topic of study called “Making a Difference” involving sustainability. We will begin by taking a look at the different materials in our lunch boxes and our rubbish bins. We hope to have a trip to the rocky shore in Napier and the aquarium later in the term. This topic will continue into the middle of next term as well. More information about the trip to come in the near future.

Next week we have Parent Teacher Interviews. If you have been unable to book please let me know. Computer bookings are now closed, but I have some free times and can pencil you in.

Week 4

Dear Parents,

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Meet the Teachers this week. For those who were unable to attend we went through the timetable – a copy of which is attached, with a copy of the notes from the evening on the back.

Don’t forget Parent Teacher Interviews are coming up. If you would like to book one go to The booking code is PSH2D. Any problems, or if you can’t make those dates, please let me know.

Our library day is tomorrow – please send in the books from last week. I can only issue new books to children who have returned their previous book.

Homework books come home tonight. They have a place for you to record your reading and spelling words and a maths sheet at the back. Some children will be getting word cards to learn over the next few days. Please keep the homework book in your child’s bookbag with their reading book. They will need this at school every day.

Week 3

Dear Parents,

Just a few reminders this week.

Meet the Teachers

This event is this Thursday 21st February in the hall. It is now being held at 5:30 to allow more time for you all to finish work and get to us. We begin the evening together in the hall and then move to the classroom.

Parent Teacher Interviews

These are to be held on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th March. Bookings can be made at The booking code is PSH2D. Any problems, or if you can’t make those dates, please let me know.

We got to the library yesterday and everyone should have brought a book home. Please send them back in next Tuesday so we can issue a new book. Children can only have one book out at a time – the computer won’t let us take out two!

Homework Books – I’m sorry these are not yet out – there is a lot to stick into them at the beginning of the year – I’m working on it.

Road Patrol

We are in need of more parents to help out with road patrol. As a school we have 3 road crossings to cover both in the morning and after school and currently teachers are having to cover these duties. As you can imagine rushing off to be at a crossing before children get there after school is difficult, as is spending the time in the morning. If you could help we would be very grateful.
Morning duties are from 8:20 – 8:55am and afternoon duties are from 2:55 – 3:20pm. The children on the crossings are all trained by the police and it is just a matter of being the adult there to supervise them. If you think you would be able to cover a duty once a week please let me know.

Week 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week 2.

Last week was fabulous. It was great getting to know all of your children. We have been doing lots of cutting and sticking activities and have produced some lovely clowns to brighten up the classroom.

For the first 5 weeks of this term (which is 11 weeks long) we are focusing on the Key Competency of Managing Self. Now that the chidren are in Year 1 we focus on them becoming independent. In class this is demonstrated by being ready for learning, looking after their own property, and listening to and following directions. We would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to bring in their own bag, setting out their brainfood and putting their book bag away.

Reading – this week will mostly be shared whilst I finish testing, assessing and grouping. Your child will bring home a book most days that we have read in class. As it is a shared book you may find it is above or below their reading level. Please feel free to discuss the book or to read another book off your shelves at home or from the library. 

School library books will also come home soon, our library day will be a Tuesday.

Homework expectations are that your child will read every day. I know how busy life can be and children are welcome to take the same book home over a few nights – don’t feel you need to read it all in one go. However please do send the books in each day as we will often work on them as part of our literacy activities.

Spelling – Last week I ‘tested’ most children’s spelling using the essential word lists. The words that your child needs to work on will appear in the back of the homework book this week.

Although Homework books have not come home tonight they will be coming home later this week. Please make sure they come to school in the book bag every day.

Thank you for sorting through the mass of notices I sent home last week. I am processing your contact details and hope to be emailing you later in the week to confirm your email addresses.

Belongings – Please make sure your child’s clothing is named, especially hats, fleeces and shoes. It makes returning items that have been left outside so much easier.

Do drop by any time to see what we are up to in class. I can be hard to track down in the mornings but am usually available after school for a quick chat, or on a Monday or Thursday (my non-meeting days) if you wish to make an appointment for a longer talk. Please email me, contact the office or send a note in your child’s book bag if you would like to arrange a time.

There will be time to discuss all these routines and expectations at the Junior Meet the Teacher evening on Thursday 21st February from 5:00 – 6:00pm. First we will be in the hall and then go to the classroom. I look forward to seeing you all then.

Week 1