Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Safari Units

A great activity for learning place value. Go on the Hard Level and get it all right 5 times before moving on to the Very Hard Level.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Term 2 Week 6 News

This week sees us tie together the loose ends and finish up our Olden Days Theme and move on to an Olympic Theme which will take us up to half way through next term. If you have any interesting information regarding the Olympics please do let us know.

Learning Conferences are fast approaching and are to be held in Week 8 this term.
Tuesday 12th June between 2pm and 6pm
Wednesday 13th June between 2pm and 6pm
Thursday 14th June between 3pm and 5pm
Conferences are 20 minutes long and can be booked by going to 
The School Event Code is E73P6. 
You just need to add your name and email address to book an interview time.
Bookings will open at 9am on Monday 28th May and close at 12pm on Friday 9th June.

Lucky Book Club will be coming home again this week. If you would like to order a book please send your money and order in by Friday June 8th. Cheques to be made payable to Havelock North Primary School.

There is also a Fun Food Friday this week. There are more order forms in the classroom if needed.

Grant Hasting is here on Friday teaching us some more sporting skills.

Project Homework will start up again this week. This week the letter is ‘D’. Children can take any subject starting with the letter ‘D’ and find out some facts about it. It could be a place, country, animal, instrument or a person even! We love to learn new facts on any subject. Children can then present their new learning in any format they choose. They can create a poster to go on the classroom wall. They can talk about their subject, maybe they can bring it in? They could also use the computer for the project. They can create in word, power point, publisher, maybe even find a youtube video, create a wordle or a voki – the sky’s the limit! If the project is digital either email it to me, bring it in on a memory stick or put it straight onto the Room 4 Homework Wiki. The link to the wiki is on the blog and the password and username are exactly the same as the ones for Mathletics. Have a look on the Wiki (the link is on the blog) for some ideas and some ‘How to…” advice for digital projects. I am looking forward to Friday when everyone will get to present their projects to the class.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Grandparents Day

Thursday was also Grandparents Day for the Junior School. We had loads of Nanas, Poppa, Grandmas and Grandads come in to share our learning. We took them all to the hall to listen to our singing and they seemed to enjoy it.

We also interviewed our Grandparents. Here are some interesting things that we learnt.

My Granddad didn't use a typewriter at school, he used a dip pen. Zoe

My Nana rode a horse and then went on a bus to school. Greta

My Grandma used a pencil at school and then she used a fountain pen. Hugh

My Poppa used to use phone like we saw a the museum. It was on a wall and you had to wind it to use it. Isabella

I learnt that Paige's Grandma didn't use computers or typewriters, she just used dip pens and fountain pens to do her work at school. Keira

My Nana used a blackboard and chalk instead of a pen. Holly

My Nana used to watch her mum do the washing in a copper with a fire underneath. Alex

My Nana walked to school and as she got older she biked. William

Kalani's Auntie Sue told me that she biked to school and she wrote with pencils and chalk. Hadley

I learnt that my Nana rode a bus to school and when she went to high school she used a typewriter. Kalani

I learnt that Alex's Nana biked to school. Ethan

My Nana didn't use a washboard by she used a washing machine but had to push the clothes down with a  thing like a broom. Phoebe

I learned about Holly's Granddad and that they had a really big phone that you had to wind. Millie

I learnt that William's Nana used a wind up telephone to call people. Conner

Hugh's Nana had to walk a very long way to school. Bronson

I found out that Hugh's Grandma used a public telephone box because their family didn't have a phone. Bhanu

Zoe's Granddad went to school on a horse or a pony. Meg

Principal Award

Congratulations Kalani on your Principal Award.

The new buildings


Wow, we had such an exciting day on Thursday. First of all Mr Bremer got us to all meet by the new buildings. He told us that the roof had just been finished. We celebrated with a chocolate fish each. The teachers had sausage rolls and the builders had special drinks after work.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Term 2 Week 5 News

Grandparents Day – Don’t forget Grandparents Day this Thursday. (If Grandparents are unable to attend we would love to see Aunties, Uncles – even big brothers and sisters if they are available.)
*    You are welcome to arrive at 11:30am until 1:45.
*    After 40 minutes in the classroom we will move to the School Hall for some singing with all the Junior school classes.
*    At 12.45 the children will return to their classes to collect their lunch boxes. We warmly invite you to bring your own lunch box so you can eat lunch in the school lunch area with your grandchild.

Discovery Learning – This is the final week of discovery this term. Next week Grant Hasting returns to teach more sporting skills to the children.

Project Homework will resume next week with the letter D.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Did You Get to School Today

Our Lucky Book Club order arrived today. We have ordered so many books that Mrs Duligall have a voucher to buy a book for the class. She chose a big write on / wipe off Graphs book and during brain food we completed the first graph. 

We were very surprised that so many people come to school by car. We expected more people to walk to school because more than half of us live within walking distance of the school. Maybe we need to have a "Walk to School Week"!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Term 2 Week 4 News

Term 2 Week 4
Monday 14th May
Dear Parents,

Dress Up Day – We had a wonderful day on Friday in our dress ups. Look out for our photos which will be appearing on the blog this coming week. 

Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs Maggie Genet will be teaching Room 4 as I am on CRT (Curriculum Release Time). I will be working individually with children and planning our next unit of work with the rest of the Junior Team.

Grandparents Day – We will be having a Grandparents Day on Thursday 24th May. We would love it if Grandparents could come into the classroom to share their Grandchild’s learning and stay to share lunch with us. Grandparents are welcome from 11:20 in the classroom. Bring your packed lunch and eat with your grandchild at  12:50. It would be lovely if Grandparents would also be willing to ‘adopt’ for the day children whose Grandparents live further away and are unable to attend.

Hope you have a lovely week.
Kind Regards,    

Karen Duligall                         

Book Dress Up Day

Book Dress Up Day

Book Dress Up Day

Book Dress Up Day

Book Dress Up Day

Book Dress Up Day

Book Dress Up Day

Book Dress Up day

Book Dress Up Day

Book Dress Up day

Book Dress Up Day

Book Day Dress Up

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Term 2 Week 3 News

Term 2 Week 3
Monday 7th May
Dear Parents,

Book Week – This week is Book Week and we have the Book Fair in Room 18. It is there every day this week , open before school from 8am and after school until about 4pm.  There are a range of book on offer and the school earns money for more books through the sale of the books. So if you are looking for books at the moment do drop into Room 18 and take a look. We will be going over tomorrow so expect your child to be very excited about a number of books they will have seen!

Lucky Book Club – If you would like to order a book from Lucky Book Club please send the orders to the classroom by Friday 11th May. Cheques to be made payable to Havelock North Primary.

Trip to Waipawa Settlers Museum and Oruawharo Homestead
The trip was fantastic and went really well, even though the weather was not a lovely as we had hoped and we had to have our lunch inside instead of in the gardens. Many thanks to all of you who gave up your time to accompany us. Have a look at the blog where there are photos of both the museum and the homestead.

Mathletics – homework for this week is Live Mathletics. Play Level 1 at least once per day, see how many credits you can get and get some exciting hairstyles or backgrounds for your avatar.

Hope you have a lovely week.
Kind Regards,    

Karen Duligall                                 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oruawharo Homestead on PhotoPeach
Things we did at Waipawa Museum on PhotoPeach
Things we saw at Waipawa Museum on PhotoPeach

What did the parents enjoy the most?

I enjoyed racing Taylor and Paige down the stairs because when I was a little girl I lived in a house with two staircases and my brother and I used to run down the front and back stairs to see who could get down the fastest. The back stairs always win! Te Ara (Ethan's mum)

I really enjoyed listening to Peter telling us about the history of his house and how it was just about to be pulled down and they restored it and made it so that people like us can enjoy it. I was blown away by the wooden panel ceiling in the main room. Jo (Alex's mum)

There is so much beautiful work that has gone into the homestead. Jo (Conner's mum)

I enjoyed finding out some local history and it is fantastic that there are people who are willing to spend their resources on these sorts of buildings. It was a great opportunity to go and see local sites and spend time with the children. Petrice (William's mum)

I liked the furniture that was made out of such intricately carved wood. Even the book ends were exquisite. It has inspired me to go antique shopping! Fleur (Bronson's mum)

I loved the hospitality. The way Peter and Dianne opened up their home and are passionate about their property and getting people to share it with them. Jo (Millie's mum)

What did we enjoy at the homestead?

I liked the swing best because it was fun when we went up and down. The swing was made out of wood and rope and was tied to the branch of a tree. Meg

I liked the tiny dog who was trying to eat our lunch in the big room. He was following us . I stroked him and he was soft. I also liked the black cat in the bedroom. He was lying on the bed. Bhanu

I liked the swing best because you get to swing on it and it had long ropes. It hung from a tree. When someone pushes you, you go really high because of the long ropes. Ethan

I enjoyed walking through the maze cos it was simple. The maze was straight and made out of two gardens. Hadley

I liked the ha-ha because it was really funny. It looked like there were 31 sheep. Conner

I liked the swing because it went high. Someone was pushing us. Zoe

What did we enjoy at the homestead?

I liked the stairs in the house. The ones the brides go down. I liked the swing as well. Holly

I liked how they had the ha-ha. The dog and the sheep were there. I was looking at the chickens and I found a maze made out of grass and little hedges. Kalani

The ha-ha was down on the ground. It was a fence built in a ditch. I liked it because you could see the sheep in the paddock. Phoebe

I liked looking at the photos while I ate my lunch. Alex

I liked it when we saw the stables and the room where the stable boy lived. He used to look after the horses. Where it said no entry there were stairs. I could see it really well from the tractor and it was really interesting. Keira

Oruawharo Homestead

When we got to Oruawharo Homestead Peter told us about its history. The house was about to be demolished when he and his wife Dianne bought it and they have been busy restoring it ever since. We were able to look around the whole house and the gardens. We went up to the stables, and out in the gardens where there was a swing in a tree and a ha-ha. Go to for more information about the house.

The Ha-ha

On no!

We got to Oruawharo Homestead and had a wonderful time but couldn't continue our live blog as there was no network coverage. Never mind, we took loads of photographs and we talked about our favourite parts of the trip on the way home. Have a look at our other trip posts.

Principal Awards

Congratulations Paige and Phoebe on your Principal Awards this week. Henare O'Keefe was in assembly this week and presented the Principal Awards.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What did we like best?

I liked the prams best because the pram looked so cute. It was white. Isabella

I liked the big pram by the piano. I liked it because it was very cute. Millie

I liked making the butter best. You had to stir it a lot. It was very easy. Paige

I liked the bedroom best. It was fancy. Taylor

What did we enjoy about the museum?

I saw lots of silver trophies and I liked them because there was a lot of them. Hugh

I liked the water pump because it was fun pumping all the water. The water looked sort of brownish. Bronson

I probably liked the dentist room best. It was scary. You had to pump the drill and they had lots of needles. William

I liked the piano best. I've got one at home. Marcus

On our way again

We are back on the bus and on our way to Oruawharo Homestead. It's just started raining again so we may not get to have a picnic on the lawn.

Morning Tea

All that work has made us really hungry.
We wonder what they did here in the olden days?


Is this an olden day shop?
What could these be? How do they work?