Saturday, May 5, 2012

What did we enjoy at the homestead?

I liked the swing best because it was fun when we went up and down. The swing was made out of wood and rope and was tied to the branch of a tree. Meg

I liked the tiny dog who was trying to eat our lunch in the big room. He was following us . I stroked him and he was soft. I also liked the black cat in the bedroom. He was lying on the bed. Bhanu

I liked the swing best because you get to swing on it and it had long ropes. It hung from a tree. When someone pushes you, you go really high because of the long ropes. Ethan

I enjoyed walking through the maze cos it was simple. The maze was straight and made out of two gardens. Hadley

I liked the ha-ha because it was really funny. It looked like there were 31 sheep. Conner

I liked the swing because it went high. Someone was pushing us. Zoe

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