Saturday, May 5, 2012

What did the parents enjoy the most?

I enjoyed racing Taylor and Paige down the stairs because when I was a little girl I lived in a house with two staircases and my brother and I used to run down the front and back stairs to see who could get down the fastest. The back stairs always win! Te Ara (Ethan's mum)

I really enjoyed listening to Peter telling us about the history of his house and how it was just about to be pulled down and they restored it and made it so that people like us can enjoy it. I was blown away by the wooden panel ceiling in the main room. Jo (Alex's mum)

There is so much beautiful work that has gone into the homestead. Jo (Conner's mum)

I enjoyed finding out some local history and it is fantastic that there are people who are willing to spend their resources on these sorts of buildings. It was a great opportunity to go and see local sites and spend time with the children. Petrice (William's mum)

I liked the furniture that was made out of such intricately carved wood. Even the book ends were exquisite. It has inspired me to go antique shopping! Fleur (Bronson's mum)

I loved the hospitality. The way Peter and Dianne opened up their home and are passionate about their property and getting people to share it with them. Jo (Millie's mum)

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