Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Tea

All that work has made us really hungry.


  1. Was it a boring trip on the bus? And how many times did the class sing the wheels on the bus?
    From Anna, Zoe and Lexie.

  2. Oh that looks yummy.
    Sophia,Abby and Chloe

  3. What sort of old equipment did you see and use at the waipawa museum?
    What was your favourite thing you did or saw and why?

    Nina, Zharnei and Izzy.

  4. It was not boring on the bus because we had lots of fun talking to our friends.

    Morning tea was really yummy!

    We saw an old dental clinic at the museum. We also saw a skeleton in the old doctors clinic. There was a working telephone so we could talk to our friends again. You had to wind the handle to make the phone ring.