Friday, May 25, 2012

Grandparents Day

Thursday was also Grandparents Day for the Junior School. We had loads of Nanas, Poppa, Grandmas and Grandads come in to share our learning. We took them all to the hall to listen to our singing and they seemed to enjoy it.

We also interviewed our Grandparents. Here are some interesting things that we learnt.

My Granddad didn't use a typewriter at school, he used a dip pen. Zoe

My Nana rode a horse and then went on a bus to school. Greta

My Grandma used a pencil at school and then she used a fountain pen. Hugh

My Poppa used to use phone like we saw a the museum. It was on a wall and you had to wind it to use it. Isabella

I learnt that Paige's Grandma didn't use computers or typewriters, she just used dip pens and fountain pens to do her work at school. Keira

My Nana used a blackboard and chalk instead of a pen. Holly

My Nana used to watch her mum do the washing in a copper with a fire underneath. Alex

My Nana walked to school and as she got older she biked. William

Kalani's Auntie Sue told me that she biked to school and she wrote with pencils and chalk. Hadley

I learnt that my Nana rode a bus to school and when she went to high school she used a typewriter. Kalani

I learnt that Alex's Nana biked to school. Ethan

My Nana didn't use a washboard by she used a washing machine but had to push the clothes down with a  thing like a broom. Phoebe

I learned about Holly's Granddad and that they had a really big phone that you had to wind. Millie

I learnt that William's Nana used a wind up telephone to call people. Conner

Hugh's Nana had to walk a very long way to school. Bronson

I found out that Hugh's Grandma used a public telephone box because their family didn't have a phone. Bhanu

Zoe's Granddad went to school on a horse or a pony. Meg

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