Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 8 News

Well the days are zooming past again so quickly – Easter is almost upon us.
We have been busy in class making our bowls our of recycled materials and then painting them bright colours. We are hoping that the Easter Bird might lay some Easter Eggs in our bowls before we go home on Thursday J

Easter – School will be closed this Friday (29th March) and also Monday and Tuesday next week. We will be reopen on Wednesday 3rd April.

Chocolate – Its wonderful to see all the chocolate being sold and the money coming in. Many children have been asking for more chocolate to sell (I do hope you aren’t being forced to eat too many bars!) Don’t forget that if you are unable to sell any more chocolate you can bring back the remains plus any money collected and take it to the office. Thank you for your support with this fundraiser.

Thank you for your offers of help with reading in the mornings. It is working out at about 15 minutes starting at 9 o’clock. If you have a morning when you would like to stay and help out please just drop in. And if you are a regular – please keep it up – you are invaluable J

If you should find yourself clearing out your summer wardrobes during the Easter weekend, the Junior Discovery Dress up Box is in need of a little bit of an over haul. We would like handbags, shoes and clothes… anything that you think children would enjoy dressing up in. All items would be very much appreciated. It is one of the most popular activities at Discovery Time and the face paints certainly add a new dimension to the games and conversations the children have. We are also interested in a full-length mirror so the children can enjoy seeing themselves all dressed up. If you have one that is surplus to requirements we have the perfect home for it.

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