Saturday, May 10, 2014

N Homework

This week for our project homework Room 15 were asked to do a presentation to the class. They could choose any subject as long as it began with the letter 'N'.

This word cloud shows the amazing range of subjects they chose.

Room 15 also used a great range of presentation tools.

Holly chose to present her work on New Zealand by making a poster.

Aiden's presentation about his neighbours was created on a Google Document.

My dictionary says that neighbours are the people who live around you.
All of my neighbours are really nice. I can hear them in the garden lots.
We sometimes see Pippa the dog run past our house. Once I had to put her back over the fence at her house so that she wouldn’t get run over.
When we sold walnuts for $3 a bag some of our neighbours came over to buy some.
The total of the money was $15.

Caleb chose to show us a photograph of a Nutria and told us some facts about them.

Callum made a word cloud to present information about the NBA.

Charlie used a Google Drawing to show information about Neptune.

Conner created a Scratch to demonstrate Navigation.

Jemma used voki to show her knowledge of netball.

Taylor chose to show her knowledge of Naultinus through a Google Presentation.


  1. Hey Callum like the way that you told us how to get better at Basketball


  2. Jemma I like your voki because I love netball and it's the only voki we had and I love your voki's voice.