Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Pond In The Forest

Once upon a time there was  unicorn who was flying around pond. She fell in a black hole and she found a princess puppy down the black hole too.

The pretty unicorn was scared so she tried to fly away but she was trapped. The puppy could talk with the pretty unicorn. 

The puppy said "It's ok. I wont hurt you. I'm a princess puppy"

So the unicorn slowly came down to the puppy. 

The puppy said "I've been trapped in here for a long time. There is a fairy godmother that can wish us out of this black hole. Help me find her so we can get set free."

The unicorn said "Ok" so they searched and searched but...

after they searched the puppy said "That was hard work, let's sit down." Then after a while they saw some lights with someone singing.  

The puppy said "That is the fairy godmother." They went over to her. They badgered her and said "Please can you wish us out?" 

The fairy said "It's you again. I said no."

"Oh, you are the unicorn, the pretty unicorn." the fairy godmother said "I will wish you out of here." 

So she said "Diddi diddi make the unicorn and the puppy back." 

Wishhh... so they lived happily ever after.

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