Friday, September 28, 2012

The Green Scientist

There once was a scientist who was a making a chicken lancher and a commando who said "I want an rpg."  but accidentally he took the the chicken launcher.

He shot one chicken out but it was asleep. It was a magic chicken but it woke up and said "I grant you a wish and you will waste it."

So the commado walked back to the jet that that the scientist was in and he said "We have been granted a wish. I wish for an rpg."

The scientist said "Well then I don't get a wish. Go back."

Reluctantly the commando went back to the chicken and said "We want another wish."

The chicken said "Fine then, you can have another wish but you will waste that one too."

So the commando went back to the jet and said "we have got two wishes. I wish for an rpg."

The scientist said "I wish for an explosive grenade."

An rpg appeared inside the jet and so did the explosive grenade.

The commando and the scientist went to war and lived happily ever after.

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