Friday, September 28, 2012

The Invisible Chipmunk saves the Prince and the Princess

Once upon a time there was a castle in outer space. In the castle lived the prince and the princess with a pet dragon.

A tiny T-Rex came up from  dinosaur land which was about to die and ended up in a city.

Then the castle came down from the sky and the prince and the princess could see what had destroyed the city. It was the T-Rex.

The princess was crying and the prince was fighting the T-Rex.  The prince was mad and then while the prince was fighting the T-Rex the princess called the invisible chipmunk.

The invisible chipmunk appeared from under ground and the princess said to the invisible chipmunk "I wish I had three wishes."

The chipmunk granted the princess her wish and then the invisible chipmunk disappeared into thin air.

The princess wished that the dinosaur was their friend and thats the end of the story.

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