Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 10 News

Term 1 Week 10
Monday 2nd April
Dear Parents,

It’s the last week of term and we are all excited about the Easter Bunny, due to arrive so soon!
This week we will be focusing on our Easter Investigation – What sort of Easter eggs roll down hill the furthest? We hope to take photos and videos of us doing the investigation and put them onto the blog later in the week.
Homework Great homework projects again this week. I will get them onto the blog as soon as I can. Have you seen our A Homework on the blog? No homework project this week due to the short week. Next term we will be back to Discovery Learning on a Friday and projects will resume once Discovery Learning has finished again.
Grant Hastings – We had a wonderful time learning small ball skills with Grant. Have you seen us throwing and catching our balls on the blog? Hopefully Grant will be back again at the end of next term to teach us some football skills.
Library – Our library day is Monday.
Mathletics Passwords are in homework books and four pieces of homework are set each week. Homework has to be completed before children can work on other areas of Mathletics.
Mathletics Holiday Challenge This holiday I will be challenging all children in Room 4 to spend 15 minutes each day on Live Mathletics. Marcus currently holds the class record of 60 correct answers at Level 1 – can anyone beat him? Live Mathletics is great for improving instant recall of basic facts in a fun environment and can improve in-class number knowledge test results.
Chocolate Fundraising – If you have any money or chocolate left at home please send it in before the end of the week. 

Don’t forget to take another look at the class blog

Kind Regards,    

Karen Duligall                                 

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