Saturday, July 26, 2014

Painting Cape Kidnappers

We were very lucky in Room 15 to have Mrs Shennen working with us. She is an amazing artist and taught us so many things.

Firstly she showed us how to mix the 3 primary colours to make secondary and tertiary colours. We all made our own colour wheels.

We then used our colour mixing skills to paint sections of a mosaic.
We painted blue sections by blending the blue with white to create tones and shades of blue.
We painted green sections by mixing the yellow and blue in different quantities to make different shades of green. We used our paint brushes to add texture to our paintings.
To make the sections of tree trunks we had to make brown. We mixed red, yellow and black and made so many different shades of brown.
The leaves of the trees were orange - made from mixed red and yellow.
We each made two sections of orange and cut one out into a leaf shape.
Finally we used black and white paint to create pebbles on our last section.
All of the sections were put together to make an amazing picture of autumn trees - it is huge and takes up a whole wall in our classroom!

Our next job was to paint Cape Kidnappers. We each chose a view of the extraordinary sandstone headland in Hawkes Bay either showing the beautiful white cliffs and the bay or the rugged cliffs and caves of the other side of the headland. 

We painted our views of Cape Kidnappers using black and white paint. Take a look at our paintings in this animoto.

Having got to know our subject we painted Cape Kidnappers again in colour. 

Finally we painted the same subject in oil on canvas. It was really challenging to paint in oil paints and the canvas was much smaller than the paper we were used too. We ended up with some amazing results.

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  1. You must of had a lot of fun painting and doing this art. I know I would have.