Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 7 Notices

Notices Week 7 Term 1 2015
Monday 16th March

Dear Parents

Wow - Camp was amazing, but exhausting. Today the children are full of all the exciting activities they took part in. Its really interesting to hear how much they enjoyed some of the activities that they were so nervous about before they went.

Last week our PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) focus was entering and exiting the classroom. Congratulations to Victoria Brougham who received the PB4L certificate. This weeks focus is using polite language, tone and voice level.

Kind regards
Karen Duligall

Homework Week 7 Term 1 2015

The amount of time given to complete the tasks will vary depending on what is required. 20 minutes a night is a good guide, but children are very busy these days and if you don’t have time to fit the homework in some days, or your child is just too tired, that is fine.
Take a book home each night. You might get a book from your teacher, your group browsing box or from the library.
Get a member of your family (Mum, Dad, Grandma etc) to sign the reading log in your Book Bag.
Bring your Book Bag to school every day.
Books only go home in Book Bags.
This week we are working on our camp presentations. We have been writing in class but we need pages of pictures from camp to make our presentation exciting. Find as many photos as you can, that you are in, and aff them to your presentation.
This weeks homework is a printable sheet from Studyladder about area.


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