Sunday, February 19, 2012

Building Site Week 3

We are learning to notice. Remember to use your ears as well as your eyes.
What did you notice about the digger?

We noticed that the digger was cutting up the ramp and steps. By Greta and Holly

We noticed that if you listen carefully the digger sounds like a swarm of bees. By Alex and Bronson

We noticed that the digger was breaking the concrete up. By Bhanu and Hugh

We noticed that the digger can pull stuff with its scoop. By Phoebe and Taylor

We noticed that there is a big fence around the building site so the children can be safe. By Conner and Kalani

We noticed that the scoop on the digger was squeaking. By William and Marcus

We noticed that the digger is mainly orange. By Paige and Hadley

We noticed that when the digger was holding the concrete up he could only do half of it or it might break the digger. By Millie and Zoe

We noticed that the digger was digging a big hole. By Ethan R and Isabella

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