Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 2 News

Tuesday 7th February
Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week 2.

Last week was fabulous. It was great getting to know all of your children. They have begun to make mats for their tables and have been drawing both themselves and their families. This week the focus is on subjects and activities that they enjoy, both at home and at school. We will be looking at strengths, and areas in which we would like to improve.

Some of the class have begun their self portraits – using a photo of themselves as a starting point. They are looking fantastic already and I can’t wait until they begin to get a bit of colour on them.

Reading – this week will mostly be shared. Your child will bring home a book most days that we have read in class. As it is a shared book you may find it is above or below their reading level. Please feel free to discuss the book or to read another book off your shelves at home or from the library.  School library books will come home next week, our library day will be a Monday. Homework expectations are that your child will read every day. I know how busy life can be and children are welcome to take the same book home over a few nights – don’t feel you need to read it all in one go. However please do send the books in each day as we will often work on them as part of our literacy activities.

Spelling – Last week I ‘tested’ spelling using the essential word lists. The words that your child needs to work on will appear in the back of the homework book this week.

Although Homework books have not come home tonight they will be coming home later this week. Please make sure they come to school in the book bag every day.

Maths – This week we are learning about statistics. Those of you who have been into the classroom or onto the class blog will have seen our “What did we do in the holidays” chart. This week we will have a go at collecting our own data and making our own charts.

Thank you for sorting through the mass of notices I sent home last week. I am processing your contact details and hope to be emailing you later in the week to confirm your email addresses. We will start to use our stationery this week as well. Many thanks for getting that purchased and named so promptly.

Do drop by any time to see what we are up to in class. I can be hard to track down in the mornings but am usually available after school for a quick chat, or on a Monday or Thursday (my non-meeting days) if you wish to make an appointment for a longer talk. Please email me, contact the office or send a note in your child’s book bag if you would like to arrange a time.

Kind Regards,    
Karen Duligall

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