Thursday, October 18, 2012

Countdown to the Jubilee

The 150th jubilee is now just 1 year away and to celebrate we released 150 balloons on the field this morning. This is how the children described the event.

Everyone waited for Mrs Duligall to announce the people to let go of the balloons. Meg

I was one of the people who got chosen to hold one of the balloons. They had one note on each balloon. Keira

In the hall we got the helium balloons. Millie

Some people took their hand off their balloon and some were sticking on the hall roof. Bhanu

I waited and waited and then I saw a remote -controlled helicopter that was taking a photo. Taylor

The helicopter looked like a spider and it was small. When the helicopter landed everyone let go of he balloons. Holly

Mr Bremer counted down and 150 people let go of balloons. Hugh

When they let go everyone clapped and cheered. Zoe

There was a big bunch of balloons rising into the clouds and when they pop and if someone is lucky enough they might find 2 or 3 balloons. Hadley

When the balloons were up in the sky they looked like 150 polka dots. Conner

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