Friday, October 26, 2012

This week we have made videos about the Peak Trail Blazer. There is a competition and the best video will go onto the Peak Trail Blazer website and their Facebook page! We could be famous!

Here are the videos we have entered.

The first video is an iMovie Trailer made by Holly, Millie, Bhanu, Marcus and Kalani.

The next video is made in iMovie by Meg, Paige, Taylor, Hugh and Isabella. 
They wanted a newspaper reporter to come and interview some people who were going to take part in the Peak Trail Blazer.

This next video is an Animoto made by Alex, William, Bronson, Ethan and Hadley.

Our final video is again made in iMovie by Keira, Greta, Phoebe, Zoe and Conner.
They suggested a group of children having a conversation about the Peak Trail Blazer over lunch.

I think that you will agree that all of the children have done a fantastic job of making these videos and getting all of the important information into them.

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  1. Great publicity and a fascinating variety of styles, now I feel I really SHOULD do the Peak Trail Blazer! So your publicity worked!!