Friday, March 9, 2012

The Elephant Song

We were talking about the projects that start for homework next week and watched this one that was used last year for E homework. We love the Elephant Song!


  1. We think that this is hilarious. We really liked the humour in this clip. It made us laugh.
    Room 9

  2. This clip is such fun. Thank you for sharing it. We were wondering how you put it on your Blog?

  3. Dear Room K0
    If you want to put a video on your blog you need to click on the icon next to the picture one in a new post. You can then choose You Tube. You need to put the name of your video in the search box and click on the video you want when it comes up. Click on select and your video will be posted on your blog.
    We look forward to seeing what videos you put onto your blog.
    From Room 4