Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week 7 News

Term 1 Week 7
Monday 12th March
Dear Parents,

Blog – Thanks to all of you who have been checking out our class blog. At the time of writing this newsletter we have had over 700 views. One day last week we had over 50 views for just that one day! This week three other classes in school will be looking at our blog and learning how to make appropriate comments on other peoples work. We will be looking at three other class blogs over the following few weeks to learn about commenting ourselves. It’s exciting to see our audience grow for our work.
Discovery Learning – Sadly last week was our last Discovery Learning session for this term. Children have loved the experience, the choice of activities and the chance to work with their peers. We will return to Discovery Learning next term.
Homework This week I am introducing a new element into the weekly homework. Projects! We will run projects weekly until Discovery Learning returns. This week the letter is ‘A’. Children can take any subject starting with the letter ‘A’ and find out some facts about it. It could be a place, country, animal, instrument or a person even! We love to learn new facts on any subject. Children can then present their new learning in any format they choose. They can create a poster to go on the classroom wall. They can talk about their subject, maybe they can bring it in? They could also use the computer for the project. They can create in word, power point, publisher, maybe even find a youtube video, create a wordle or a voki – the sky’s the limit! If the project is electronic either email it to me, bring it in on a memory stick or put it straight onto the Room 4 Homework Wiki. The link to the wiki is on the blog and the password and username are exactly the same as the one for Mathletics. I am very exciting and looking forward to Friday when everyone will get to present their projects to the class.
Grant Hastings – We will welcome Grant back on Friday when he will be in school taking classes for softball skills.
Library – Our library day is a Monday
Mathletics Passwords are in homework books and homework will be set each week.
Chocolate Fundraising – Chocolates will continue to be issued to children this week. Please let me know if you don’t want any more chocolates to sell. The children are very keen to keep bringing home more and more! If you have chocolates at home that you no longer wish to sell please send them back in to school with any money for chocolates already sold. There were 30 chocolates in each box. 
Spelling City – As well as the essential work lists I have now also put on number words. Children should know how to spell numbers for their number knowledge ladder. Spelling City can be accessed through the class blog or by going to
Once there choose the tab ‘Find a List’ and type ‘Mrs Duligall’ onto the search box with ‘Teacher Name’ as the criteria. Click on my name in the search result below and you will get to the spelling lists.

Don’t forget to take another look at the class blog

Kind Regards,    
Karen Duligall

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